Find Out What You ’re Owed

Find Out What You ’re Owed

Order your diminished value report before you sell your car

Regardless of whether the accident was the seller’s fault, you wouldn’t pay the full amount for a used car if you knew it had been damaged in an accident. Well, that works both ways. Your car undergoes a reduction in value after an accident, no matter how well it was repaired. DimVal USA can help you get that lost value back.

DimVal USA is a dedicated diminished value appraisal firm. We will do all the work and you will not pay us anything until the insurance company pays you. Call us today at 844-219-0005 or fill out our submission form below to find out how much you can recover in diminished value.
I will send you a copy of our Professional report so you can see exactly what you are going to get. Will my competitors send you a copy of their report? The answer is NO.

Is a diminished value report worth it?

If you want to make sure you get the full resale amount for your car, a diminished value report is the way to go. The benefits of a diminished value report are straightforward and substantial:

  • You’ll get what you’re owed in diminished value even before you sell your car
  • You have to prove your Diminished Value to insurance companies. Using dealer quotes and Diminished Value Calculators does not prove your Diminished Value to insurance companies. Our expert 5 page IRS approved report proves your Diminished Value.

DimVal USA offers two options for our customers. You can buy our report for $149.00, which comes with a demand letter and a CarFax, or you can choose the 20% Contingency option, where we do all the work to collect your Diminished Value, and you do not pay any up front cost. If you choose to buy the report and have issues collecting, we will take over and collect for you. The $149.00 you originally paid will be deducted from the 20% contingency amount. We take the risk, not you. Talk to us today to find out more. 844 219-0005.

What customers are saying about DimVal USA: Hello my name is John. I have a new Lincoln that was rear ended with $12,000 in damages. I called up Jerrod after I found his website online. I was a bit skeptical paying $149 for something like this but went ahead and did it anyway. The next day I received an email with the complete diminished value report. It was for $4,000 and I submitted it to state farm and they paid every penny of it. It took a couple weeks but In the end it all worked out. I couldn't believe it actually. I highly recommend Dimvalusa. Jerrod is also a great guy and very knowledgeable at what he does. Feels good to get whats owed to me from these blood sucking insurance companies

Find Out What Your Owed